Erica Crouch is a writer, a reader, and a (more or less) stable human being. She has co-founded two publishing collectives, Patchwork Press and Weapenry, and has published nine novels and written two screenplays. Originally from Ellicott City, Erica has since moved into the heart of Annapolis, Maryland where she lives in an old house and is completing grad work. She currently works as a paralegal for the State's Attorney's Office.

As someone who battles anxiety and suffers from panic disorder, Erica is an outspoken proponent of erasing the stigma that surrounds mental health and being an all-around nice human being. She loves wit, a good philosophical debate, and strongly advocates for being socially informed. Her favorite things are reading, taking pictures, and laying on the ground knowing there's nothing else she has to get done for the night. She also really, really, really likes dogs. All blog posts are certified gluten free.

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