A Noun Needs a Verb

Even the shortest sentence
has two simple needs: a noun,
a verb. A basic formula for
endless chance 
to build or deconstruct
any infinite version of reality.

Always, always
two basic elements to complete
a thought. Noun, verb.
Separated, even maintaining meaning,
it's partial. 
A piece missing, an idea -- dangling. 
But when connected, there's satisfying
Resolution, understanding. 

     I am a noun. 
     A person first,
     often a place
     and sometimes a thing.
     I give you context. 
You are a verb, all
movement and action and
Giving, trying, being.
You offer action, you
provide purpose. 

Joined, we turn fragments into sense.
We share words with similar intentions
but different executions.
Words like: 
     Shelter. A place; to protect.
     Love. Affection; to feel deeply.
     Peace. A state of quiet; to calm.

I am, you are
noun, verb -- together, whole.
It's that simple, that complex.
Two elements, part of one.
We are complete, 
necessary, complimentary.

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