April 27th was a very, very exciting day for our household. Peter and I love our new little home in the woods, and now with all this space we realized... We needed a dog. We desperately wanted a dog, to run around the yard or go on walks or play at the park with. So we began looking. At first, we were looking for older pups that might have had a little training behind them. I fell in love with a German Shepherd mix named Atlas but he was off to another forever home.

It's funny how timing works out, because the moment I heard Atlas was gone, I heard back from another dog I had emailed a foster about. Her name was Violet. She was a pale little Australian Shepherd, and she was blind and deaf (a double merle). I texted Peter right away, explaining I know it's a hard pitch, and I realize we were looking for a dog that was older (not puppy puppy) and trained, but... What about a little puppy who cannot see or hear?

He texted me back a few minutes later saying: "I love you dearly. Let's go see Violet."

The rest is history. We met her in a park in Baltimore on a surprisingly cold day in April, said we'd love to have her in our home for a trial, and a week later she came to stay with us. It took maybe a day (really, a few hours) for us to realize we couldn't let her go. This wasn't a trial anymore -- we loved her, and we needed her.

She's now about four and a half months, and has been with us almost three weeks. I can't imagine life without her. She's sweet, she loves naps and biting fingers, and her favorite thing is to zoom around in our yard on her leash. She's so smart, and gives gentle little kisses. My phone is now so full of photos of this little peanut, and she has an Instagram so I can document her whole adventure with us.

Peter works so well with her, and since he works around our home now, she's getting full Dad days of outdoor play and baths. It is the most amazing thing to come home to. They are, simply, my entire world. I've never been so happy.

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