Joshua tree house, day 2

Bridgewater, VA, USA
Somehow, day two of our weekend in the tree house was able to top the first night. Another day where the weather was beautiful and our temporary little home in the woods was exactly what we were hoping for, and more: it was bright and cheery, and the river was alive right outside the front door. We were living up in the trees, where the sun reflected rippled patterns from the water on the ceiling next to the skylight above our bed, and we could watch the moon from a warm outdoor bath filled with bubbles as the night slid carefully behind a sunset that used every shade the sky can hold. (Honestly, check out the last few pictures.) The weekend was, simply put, everything.

When we woke up, we took advantage of the awesome outdoor hot tub to warm up for the day. I ate cake as Peter drank his tea and read, and the sun started to shift solidly to morning between the branches. Later in the day, we went kayaking and broke through the bit of ice that had gathered farther down the river along the banks, and then we found a long cable swing that went out over the water. That was a lot of fun -- when you got high up enough, you'd swing so far over the river that you could see all the way down until it bent away in either direction. And then, because it was now our new favorite way to start and end the day, at sunset we got back into the hot tub (after Peter decided to take a quick dip into the very cold river) and watched the bluest sky catch fire with pinks and golds as the thinnest moon took the place of the sun. The pictures don't do the sunset justice, but it's close enough to still make me desperately, desperately miss it. Oh man, and it's only Wednesday.

Revisit Day 1.

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