I have a love/hate relationship with moving. The beginning of it is always the worst: looking at everything I have to do; the mountain of things I need to sort through; the boxes I have to put together, fill, and then literally move. It's a mini-nightmare of mine. The upside of it all is that, by going through all of my things, I start to downsize. Each time I move (which has been a lot recently), I take boxes and bags of things to donate. I declutter, if only for a little bit. I clean house and get organized again. And really, there's nothing more I love than reorganizing all of my things.

The end result is always wonderful. It's the process I loathe. As a kid, I would want to move rooms every other month. Not because I suddenly didn't like my room, but because I could picture how I would arrange my furniture in the other room, and how I would organize it, and therefore have a beautifully organized space that would make everything in my life go so much smoother. As an adult, the mentality is similar, but the practicalities of actually moving homes instead of just rooms (e.g., forwarding mail, transferring services like rental insurance and cable, etc) are annoying. So I focus on the good and remember that each box I pack to take to my new home will be filled with only the things I really, really want. It's time to clean house, get organized, and donate what I don't need. What better way to start the New Year?

It helps that I've moved the main pieces of my furniture over now. It's much easier to picture me living in my new place, organized and together, when I have some of my things there! Moving is stressful, and there are many changes happening all at once, but I'm starting to settle. It helps when I make lists of what I need to get done, and what I've already gotten done. It also helps that I'm buying myself little things that will make me feel more comfortable -- like a fuzzy white area rug, or picture frames, little shelves, and (something I've been wanting for years) those thin velvet hangers so I can FINALLY have matching hangers (!!!!!).

For too long I've been accidentally living in a state of flux, hating the idea of moving again but knowing practically I would have to again soon. Where I'm living now is getting more expensive, and I'm growing out of my place here. Not because it's too small -- the new place has a smaller room -- but because I'm ready to move on. The fact that I'll be living downtown, a short walk to everything I've been itching to explore, only makes the idea more exciting.

To bigger and better things in 2017!

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